Make yourself Yahoo Multi Messenger

Procedura nu este prea grea, tot ce trebuie sa faci este sa urmezi urmatorii pasi:

Start -> run -> (write) regedit (click enter) -> (search ) current user (HKEY_CURRENT_USER ) -> software -> yahoo -> pager -> test -> (right click on) new (select) dword value -> name: plural -> (right click on) plural, (then click on) modify (and at value enter number 2 or more). That’s all …now you can use your Yahoo Multi Messenger :))

Spor si toate cele bune!

copyright – Axel 😀


3 Responses to “Make yourself Yahoo Multi Messenger”

  1. AxeL Says:

    Hmm, oare de unde mi se pare cunoscut postul de mai sus …?
    Ahh da, am scris si eu unul asemanator :)) 😀

  2. Radu Gologan Says:

    pai lol :)) E postul tau smart ass… scrie cu rosu copyright axel :))

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